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Carmelites of Blessed Therese of St Augustine and Her Companions, VV &MM
The Rule


Calendar for November, A.D. 2003
Calendar 12/03-02/05
St Albert's Rule
The Rule
The Little Office of the BVM, according to the Carmelite Usage
The Carmelite Litany of Our Lady
Carmelite Links

The Rule is now available, by chapter, at the links below. If you would like to print out your own copy without a great deal of work, the entire Rule is now available at: 
 in a well laid out text.

On the Establishment of the Third Order

 The Faculty of Admitting to the Third Order

Conditions Necessary For Admission To The Third Order

The Habit

Admission to the Third Order, the Clothing

                                               Chapter 15
                                               Silence and the Avoidance of Idleness


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