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Counterrevolutionary Links, Catholic, Royal and Communitarian
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Some of the sites linked on this page profess to adhere to a democratic form of government, that is "the crowned republic". While CRCLinks cannot support democracy (or any other revolutionary ideology) we must remember that our task is manifold and interlocking. We must restore the kings, convert them to Traditional Catholicism and reëstablish the Social Monarchy. The order in which these tasks are accomplished is unimportant, as long as all three are achieved!

l'Alliance Monarchiste is an organisation dedicated to Counter Revolutionary, Traditional Social Catholic Monarchism throughout the world.
Join us to defeat the Revolution!

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Charles Coulombe

Coronations In Catholic Theology by Charles A. Coulombe

The Angelic Doctor on Regicide

Bourbon Site

This site is maintained by supporters of the Revolutionary, Freemasonic Maison de Orleans, descendants of Louis-Philippe, «King of the French». However, it is listed because it is a good site for the writings of Charles Maurras, the Master of the XXth Century Counter Revolution.

L'Action Francaise

Tradition Family and Property

La bibliothque royaliste

Carnet d'adresses royalistes


Links at Pour Dieu et le Roi


Real Associao de Viana do Castelo

The Polish Monarchist League (in English)

The International Monarchist League

The Monarchist League of New Zealand

The Confraternity of St Louis IX, King of France, works for the Restoration of the Lieutenant of Christ, The Eldest Born of the House of France, Monseigneur le prince Louis, le duc d'Anjou, de jure, Louis XX, King of France and Navarre.

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Institut de la Maison de Bourbon Site legitimiste officiel. L'Institut de la Maison de Bourbon oeuvre pour la promotion de la monarchie franaise travers l'histoire de la dynastie captienne.

Links at le Insitut de Maison de Bourbon

Royal portail Portail de sites royaux francais... et des autres monarchies.

Lgitimiste aujourd'hui Site lgitimiste intressant et trs complet sur le legitimisme de nos jours, et sur le Prince Louis.

Les Rois de France Leur Généalogie.

Association de Défense de la Noblesse Française et Etrangère (A.D.N.F.E.)

The 150 Points of the Phalange-Catholic, Royal, Communitarian

The Catholic CounterReformation

Tradition und Leben (In English)

Tradition und Leben (auf Deutsch)

The Monarchist League of Australia

The Monarchist League of Canada

BabelFish Translator
BabelFish en Francaise
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