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Important Papal Documents dealing with the Triumph of the Social Reign of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.

These documents are listed in the order of the Reigns of the individual Popes, not necessarily in the order they were issued by each Pope.

Unam sanctam of H.H. Boniface VIII

Quanta Cura (Condemning Current Errors) of H.H. Bl. Pius IX

Rerum Novarum (On Capital and Labour) of H.H. Leo XIII

Aeterni Patris (On the Restoration of Christian Philosophy)of H.H. Leo XIII

Diuturnum Illud (on the Origin of the Civil Power) of H.H. Leo XIII

Human Genus (On Freemasonry) of H.H. Leo XIII

Immortale Dei (On The Christian Constitution of States) of H.H. Leo XIII

Casti Connubii (On Christian Marriage) of H.H. Pius XI

Quas Primas (On The Feast of Christ the King) of H.H. Pius XI

Quadragesimo Anno (On the Reconstruction of the Social Order) of H.H. Pius XI

Mater et Magister (The Church as Mother and Teacher of All Nations of Bl. John XXIII

Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth) of Bl. John XXIII

Populorum Progressio (On the Development of Peoples) of H.H. Paul VI

Humanae Vitae (On the Regulation of Birth) of H.H. Paul VI

Laborem Exercens (On Human Labour) of H.H. John-Paul II

Centesimus Annus (On the Hundreth Anniversary of Rerum Novarum) of H.H. John-Paul II

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